Grown up in a music lover family, she started her singing life in METU within the student music clubs. Between the years 2004-2012 in Ankara, she participated in THBT Traditional Turkish Music Choirs conducted by İhsan Öztürk and Abdurrahman Tarikçi, had private singing lessons from Celal Sezer for traditional turkish singing, took maqam theory lessons from Selçuk Sipahioğlu, accepted to TRT Radio Polyphonic Youth Choir practiced by Feruzan Esmergül and Classical Turkish Music Choir conducted by Vedat Kaptan Yurdakul. She continued her musical life In the Netherlands and performed with Okur Ensemble (2014). She started her bachelor in 2015 for Anatolian and Ottoman Music, studying main subject of Voice in Turkish Music Department at Codarts Conservatory, Rotterdam where she had chance to get lessons from Kutsi Ergüner, Alexandros Papadimitrakis, Connie de Jongh and Zeynel Demir. She performed with Mehmet Polat, Daniel Mester, Alper Kekec and Genetic Choir in various stages in the Netherlands. In 2017 summer, she performed in Alpentöne Festival for folk music in Switzerland. Last year she joined the Erasmus exchange program to study at ITU Turkish State Conservatory in Istanbul to be in the center of Turkish music where she worked with Can Etili, Gülşah Çubukçuoğlu, Ayşegül Aral Altıok and Günay Acar. Addition to her academic life, she joined the seminars of Katerina Papadopoulou for traditional Greek singing (2018), Yurdal Tokcan for Turkish Ud (2016) and Omer Erdoğdular for Ottoman music (2016) within Labyrinth Musical Workshops.