21st Century Church Songs -as Guest Vocal
December 2, 2016

In the evening (20:00-22:00) the Genetic Choir will give a full concert together with guest musicians hailing from a wide variety of spiritual traditions.

dsc_2067We have held preparatory sessions with each of these guest performers to deepen the work. The unique acoustics of the Obrechtkerk and our connection with their specific music both play an important role: “What moves us about the meeting with this musician, in the context of this church? What is our inspiration in the music that arises? And how do we invite our audience to share this encounter?”

The guest musicians/styles this year are:

Jacob Lekkerkerker (composer, improviser, organist)
Obrechtkoor (Gregorian song)
Cigdem Okuyucu (Turkish, Ottoman and Anatolian song)
Irene Rametta (Macedonian, Georgian and Bulgarian song, overtone singing)
Ilyas Nadjafi (Dari, Pashto, Urdo, and Sufi song)
Igor Fernandes & Meike Aukes with a Capoeira Roda (traditional Brazilian fighting dance with its origins in the Candomblé religion)
Those familiar with us already know that they can expect unique vocal performances; but this time we have challenged ourselves to go further, with this pick of international guest musicians.

Join us on Friday 2 December, and find out how joyous instant vocal composition can be!

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